Tack and Wear

Tack and  Wear
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English tack is designed for maximum performance of the horse and the rider. English style of riding requires a closer contact of the rider on the horse. With the wide variety of jumps and moves involved in various competitions, the flexibility of horse tack is extremely important as it allows for rider maneuverability over jumps, as well as, a fashionable way to ride. English saddles from StateLineTack.com will make sure your horse has never looked more striking and professionally equipped.

Horse Grooming Suppliers

A well-groomed, clean horse is a wonderful sight. From a glossy coat to a smooth mane, a groomed horse shows devoted attention to its health and well-being. Regular, daily grooming keeps your horse clean, disease free and accustomed to being handled. Every grooming kit should include a few horse brushes, hoof picks, clippers, and essential horse coat care products. With the proper horse grooming supplies, tools and an established routine, brushing and cleaning your horse can be done with little to no effort at all.

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