Repair Sun Damaged Skin

Repair Sun Damaged Skin
Sun exposure is very aging to skin. Unprotected skin that is exposed to the sun becomes more mottled in appearance. Freckles can turn into brown sun spots, the skin takes on a dry, leathery appearance, and wrinkles and sagging increase. The risk of skin cancer is significantly increased by sun exposure. The good news is that sun damage is avoidable, and if you start now, you can improve the condition of sun damaged skin.

•See your health care provider to assess the amount of sun damage you may have, and to rule out possible skin cancers. He or she may be able to prescribe medication that can help to reduce existing sun damage.

•If you want to avoid aging skin but don’t want to avoid the sun, make sure you use sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Choose sunscreen with SPF of 15 or higher, and use it all year-round, even on cloudy days. Clouds do not protect you from ultraviolet ray exposure.

Repair Damaged skin with Supplements and Face Creams


Skinception Cold Pressed Cosmetic Argan Oil is a potent anti-aging skin conditioner and moisturizer, with 200% more vitamin E than olive oil and bursting with antioxidants, fatty acids and polyphenols. And it's pure - unlike some of the major skin care brands, we add no preservatives to our product.

proven to:

repair damaged and dry skin erase wrinkles reduce sun damage heal eczema and psoriasis fight acne

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Photoaging Vitamins

The B vitamins convert pasta into energy and put fats and protein to work. They keep your skin, eyes, liver and nervous system in good shape. B3 in particular, also known as niacin, is involved in blood circulation and hormone production, too.

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Biotin 5000mcg 60ct vegetarian by NOW Foods

Coenzymate Vit B Comp w/CoQ10 Subl Pmint  60 tab by Source Naturals


Niacin has been shown to diminish dark spots and increase collagen production Collagen is a protein that helps make up the structure of the skin. When it breaks down, due to damage or age, wrinkles appear. UVA rays, since they penetrate so deeply into the skin, are very capable of destroying those fibers. It's possible to inject collagen to replace it, but the effect doesn't last long. Stimulating the skin to produce more of its own, on the other hand, would make a lasting difference.

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Niacin 500mg 250ct by NOW Foods Time Released Vegetarian

Time Released Vegetarian Niacin from NOW Foods Niacin Timed Release from NOW Foods at This extra high potency tablet should be taken under doctor's supervision. Niacin can normally cause itching or flushing but this sustained release tablet minimizes those problems

Vitamin A

Vitamin A -- the vitamin with the best claim to success on this page -- is a hero to photoaged skin. It's absorbed in the form of carotenoids or retinol, depending on whether you got it from an animal or a plant. Without vitamin A, you would go blind, and your body wouldn't be able to stave off infection. In addition to taking care of your vision and immune system, vitamin A helps out with cell differentiation and bone growth.

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Vitamin A & D (Fish Liver Oil) 100 Softgels NOW Foods

Vitamin A & D (Fish Liver Oil) Softgels NOW Foods Vitamin A & D Fish Liver Oil Vitamin A is essential for the maintenance of healthy epithelial tissue, which is found in the eyes, skin, respiratory system, GI and urinary tracts

Vitamin C

vitamin C, guardian of all bodily tissues. It heals your cuts, fixes up your bones, and maintains your teeth. It's also responsible for making your skin, ligaments and blood vessels -- by playing a role in the production of collagen.

It's also an antioxidant, that magical compound that we think fights the signs of aging as well as conditions from cancer to arthritis. Because of this quality and its role in producing collagen, it's possible that vitamin C could be very valuable in smoothing out wrinkles, but there just isn't enough evidence yet to make the call for sure.

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Acerola 6oz by NOW Foods vitamin C supplement

Acerola by NOW Foods vitamin C supplement Acerola Powder vitamin C supplement by NOW Foods at is derived from acerola cherries, one of nature's highest sources of vitamin C. The fruit can yield up to 4,000 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of fresh weight, but on the average yields around 1,500 mg.