Running Wear

Running Wear
If temperatures are chilly where you live but haven't hit that freezing mark, you still need to dress for the weather. But while all of the above are Winter essentials in snow country, layering that much on your body in 40-degree weather can lead to a sweaty, uncomfortable run. Dressing like it's 20 degrees warmer than it is will help ensure you don't over-layer. With that said, here are some guidelines for those (relatively) warmer Winter runs.

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•Dress in layers, but leave out the insulating middle layer. Depending on the temperature, you may want to stick with a thin moisture-wicking shirt (go for short-sleeved if you are running for a long time and temperatures are 40 degrees or higher) and lightweight zippered jacket that you can easily take off when your body temperature rises. Look for a waterproof thin windbreaker with vents to keep you dry and comfortable if it's raining, and choose a jacket with zippered pockets as well to stash any headgear or gloves when you warm up.

Build your base with the ultimate base layer. Made from super soft moisture-wicking fabric, the Helium Long Sleeve Tee offers the perfect blend of performance, fit and design at an exceptional price point. The Greenlayer logo is featured in a white color popping contrast color on the left sleeve. Made from 100% polyester

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•If it's windy, you probably will need running tights to help insulate your legs from the chill. If there's not a lot of wind, regular fast-drying pants should work.

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•If you find that hats trap too much heat while you run in warmer Winter weather, look for ear-covering headbands that keep your ears warm while preventing overheating. If it's raining, a lightweight, waterproof baseball cap will help keep water out of your eyes.

This moisture-wicking X-Static headband keep the sweat off your forehead while working out Features: Flying 'NB' reflective logo X-Static fibers are bonded to genuine silver, which is uniquely suited to reduce odor, keep away static, and regulate heat to keep you comfortable

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New Balance X-Static Headband - black, l/xl

•Rainy winters call for shoes that protect your feet, so look for shoes that have as little mesh as possible for your wet Winter runs. Trail runners work perfectly; just be sure to wear non-cotton moisture-wicking socks and avoid puddles as much as possible.

High on performance, ultra-low on weight. An innovative Propulsion Trusstic enhances natural foot movement, guarantying a cushioned and responsive ride that you'll love it.

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•Gloves are still important in above-freezing temperatures, since cold weather can chill your extremities and cause discomfort while you run. Go for thin, wind-resistant gloves without the bulk, and stash them in your pockets after you warm up. These Mountain Hardwear running gloves are a soft and windproof solution to freezing digits.

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POW Hypervent Long Glove - black, xlarge

•Sunscreen and lip balm with SPF are still a good idea, even if you're running under cloudy conditions.