Rules Of The Trails.

Raining Days

Riding on wet trails can cause serious damage, but not all trails are off limits in the rain. Trail design in some areas accounts for the constant moisture and trail builders armor it with rock.” But if you’re not sure, check to see if your tires are leaving ruts. If so, it’s best to stay off. “If you’re in doubt, don’t ride,” Eller says.

How To Pass on the Trails

There are many options, but stay on the trail whenever possible. Riding off to the side can kill fragile vegetation and widen the trail. But here’s some more practical advice. If the trail is wide, slow down, alert your presence and pass each other when it’s convenient. This works no matter which way traffic is flowing. Just be prepared to stop if necessary. Be extra careful when passing equestrians—mountain bikes can spook horses. If the trail is narrow, you can dismount and step off the trail, paying attention not to harm any vegetation or wildlife. No matter what you do, be safe and forget about your Strava time.

! Goin Through mud puddles

Even days after a rainstorm, puddles can still exist. Should you go around, or dive in? Blaze through it, Eller says. Getting muddy is one of the joys of riding (and makes you look like a badass)! There’s also a more important reason: Riding around puddles can widen singletrack, cause erosion and harm nearby vegetation. Remember to follow the popular slogan: Keep singletrack single.

Helping Others

Always assist others on the trails when they are in distress.You never know when it would be your turn.Bring plenty of tools in case of any problems with your bike during the ride. Click Image

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