Riding Gear


Helmet is the first thing you need to think about before biking: the most important sports apparel you need for biking because the protection you get in case of a accident. A bike helmet should sit low on your forehead and should not wobble. Be sure to purchase a helmet that feels snug on your head in case of an impact.

Every kid needs a good alibi now and then and thanks to Bell, they've got one. Featuring Fusion In-Mold construction, the Alibi also has cool graphics, our ErgoDial fit system, Tight-Fit Microshell, easy-to-adjust Cam-Lock levers for a sure fit, a snap-in visor, and 23 air vents to keep you cool. Features One size fits all: 50-57 cm. Cam-Lock Levers: Bell's Cam-Lock strap levers make it easy to adjust the straps around your ears. Simply open the cam...position comfortably and close the lever

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Bell Alibi Helmet - Youth - titanium/blue line, adjustable/ universal youth 50-57cm


Close-fitting biking shorts are the choice of any cyclist for a reason: They minimize wind resistance and they have no extra fabric to catch on any part of the bike. Also, fitted biking shorts won't ride up while you're riding.

This style of short is a great choice for casual cyclists, too, and the choices are impressive. These shorts are available from many sports apparel manufacturers.

In addition, you can find biking shorts with no frills or special features including mesh panels for extra ventilation,pockets,extra padding, ergonomic seams, and compression fabric.

Voler's famous 8-panel cycling short has earned rave reviews within the racing community. This anatomically designed short features a rolled elastic waist and silicone gripper at the leg hems. The 8 oz. Triton fabric ensures durability and support while the Pesente micro knit side panels provide exceptional stretch for the perfect fit. The Estrella pad was designed to offer extreme comfort and performance by eliminating unnecessary grooves and foam density transitions. Its 3D sculpted surface is a seamless landscape that provides support where you need it and minimizes abrasion causing edges, logos and molding. We used cutting edge technology to create the men's-specific Estrella LD pad. The process starts with the supportive, higher density, closed cell foam being sculpted away from areas where you need less thickness. This reveals lower density comfort foam at the outer edges where you need very low profile padding.

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Voler Estrella Voler Logo Short- Mens - black, x-large


In times of windy conditions and low tempetures, you may want an extra layer over your torso for warmth, but without the bulk of a jacket. If that's the case, add a vest. Most sports apparel manufacturers make sports vests that work well for biking.

You can find vests in wind-resistant fabrics such as Gore-tex, which work best as an outer layer, or puffer-style vests. Down vests are bulkier than the breathable, moisture-wicking styles, but they are warmer and may be a good choice for the casual cyclist who is not pedaling as fast and getting as warm as someone who's out for a training ride. A fleece vest is another good layering alternative for cyclists, and a lightweight fleece vest often works well when layered over a long-sleeved moisture-wicking shirt and under a wind-resistant jacket.


Your eyes are as precious as your skin. It's pretty standard these days for sunglasses to have lenses that filter out all types of harmful rays. But do yourself a favor: Steer clear of the rickety rack at Rite Aid and dig a little deeper into your pocket to buy from a reputable eyewear company.

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Ironman Caring Sunglasses - lens smoke w/multi colored red mirror, 2.0 mm lens


The average body needs about one ounce—the size of a pony shot glass. Apply sunscreen, SPF of 30 or higher, 15 to 30 minutes prior to sun exposure to give it time to react with your skin's surface, then slather on more every two hours. If working up a sweat is on your agenda, be sure to use a water-resistant product and reapply more often. Don't forget to use a 30 SPF or higher lip balm on your kisser.