Fountain Of Youth

Evidence of Collagen Development:

According to a study published by The Journal of Trauma, rats who were given L-arginine supplements actually experienced a significant increase in collagen synthesis, or production. As you age, collagen in your skin begins to deteriorate and your body is unable to produce the same amount of collage as it could when you were younger. By naturally enhancing the production of collagen, your skin can retain its elasticity and vitality.

Evidence of Wound Healing:

As stated above, L-arginine is typically used to shorten wound healing time. Did you know that your skin heals itself through three basic steps: inflammation of the wound, reforming tissue around the wound and finally remodeling the tissue. Protein is a vital compound for all three of these steps, and since L-arginine is responsible for the production of this compound, it has been studied for this reason. Preliminary studies have found that supplementation of L-arginine actually enhanced the production of collagen and supported wound strength.

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