Never Stop Exercising

Lack Of Exercise
Believe it or not, a sedentary lifestyle does more than just put on excess weight. It contributes to a whole host of health issues including the appearance of aging in the skin. Lack of exercise has been linked to an overall “old” look including crow’s feet, bags under the eyes, and an assortment of wrinkles and lines. Conversely, those who exercise regularly as they grow older are much better able to avoid these things.

Living a sedentary life contributes to aging skin, because exercise helps to tone your muscles and get your blood flowing. Exercise should be an important part of every anti-aging skin care program. Researchers have also discovered that sedentary older adults are at higher risk for dementia . In addition to the physical benefits of exercise, the benefits of a regular exercise program will show on your face. Having a bright smile and lots of energy will help you look and feel younger, at any age.

It would be foolish for us to suggest that regular exercise stops the aging process; it does not. But proper exercise can reduce the effects of aging on the skin if continued into the older years. If you combine your daily exercise routine with some nutritional supplements and anti-aging creams, you should be able to maintain youthful looking skin throughout the course of your life.

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