Vitamins For Healthy Hair


The best hair vitamins contain true niacin in a proper dose. True niacin increases blood flow to the surface of the skin. The proper amount of niacin is critical. By using this amount the niacin is “flush free.” Amounts of niacin over 100mgs can produce a “niacin flush” in the average person. This is extremely beneficial to the body, but isn’t necessary to increase the blood flow to the scalp.

Niacin occurs naturally in many foods, including greens, meat, poultry, fish, and eggs, though in a fraction of the dose shown to achieve changes in cholesterol. Many products are also fortified with niacin during manufacture.

Many Niacin supplements cause a temporary Niacin flush or tingling red rash on the skin when taken in large doses. This flush-free Niacin is formulated to avoid such reactions. Inositol Hexanicotinate is a stable, non-flushing source of Niacin. This superior source, and lower potency, of Niacin works to reduce the problems associated with mega doses of Niacin supplements.

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Flush-Free Niacin 320mg 90ct by NOW Foods

Amino Acids

Look for amino acids in the ingredients of the best hair vitamins.

A good amino acid to look for specifically is L-Cystine. It is a sulfur containing amino acid that helps build strength in the hair and helps many chemical services.

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Amino 1000 120 Caps NOW Foods amino acid supplement NOW Foods


Biotin is very important for hair health. It is needed for healthy hair and skin, and may even prevent hair loss in some men. The best hair vitamins should have at least 200 mcgs+ in the daily dose. Biotin is a key regulatory element in gluconeogenesis, fatty acid synthesis, and in the metabolism of some amino acids. Alongside its role in energy production, Biotin enhances the synthesis of certain proteins. In addition, Biotin promotes normal immunity and plays a critical role in skin health.

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Biotin 5000mcg 60ct vegetarian by NOW Foods


Iron deficiency can cause thinning hair, but other diseases and conditions can instigate hair loss, too. Hormonal changes, thyroid disorders, heredity, diabetes, lupus, inadequate protein, ringworm and certain medications can prompt noticeable shedding, according to the To confirm whether you have low iron, your physician should order a blood test to check your ferritin, hemoglobin and/or hematocrit concentrations. Until you consult with your doctor and receive a diagnosis of iron-deficiency anemia, don't take over-the-counter iron supplements. Overzealous supplementation may lead to tissue damage, fibrosis and an increased risk of colorectal cancer, according to the May 2006 issue of the "Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology."

Iron Complex with Vitamins and Herbs by NOW Iron Complex with vitamins and herbs from NOW Foods here at We utilize the superior Albion Labs patented Ferrochel iron chelate which research has shown to be highly absorbed, well tolerated, and non-constipating at recommended levels.

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Iron Complex with Vitamins and Herbs Vegetarian 250ct by NOW Foods


Inositol helps promote healthy hair and skin. It has been used to treat eczema, and it may help the hair, especially if there is an inositol deficiency. For sleep, 500 mg. of inositol before bed has a mild anti anxiety effect (placebo?) as well as possibly helping to utilize fat and cholesterol during sleep.

Inositol Powder Vegetarian Inositol Powder Vegetarian by NOW Foods at Inositol is a non-essential nutrient of the B-Complex vitamin family.

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Inositol Powder Vegetarian 2oz by NOW Foods